Thursday, September 24, 2015


I got a box of new products from Hans, at Hi Mtn. Seasonings and could not wait to try one of the new wine inspired Finishing Sauces. I had a chunk of Top Sirloin roast, that I had smoked up  a couple of days prior .  I sliced some  up thin and made mashed potatoes and sliced french green beans for dinner . I followed the packet instructions and made my Merlot finishing sauce . I added the butter and whisked it in at the end, as instructed. The result was an  AWESOME tasting wine inspired sauce, that tasted so good I licked my plate for every last drop, of it's incredible flavor. These sauces can be used with Beef /Chicken/Pork/ Fish /Shrimp/ and Wild Game of all types.  You can purchase Hi .Mtn. products on line at  or at your local outdoor retailer /Sportsmans Warehouse//Coastal Farm and Ranch/// Bi Mart./// here on the West Coast.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015


When the opportunity arose, for me to test and review this new pair of Bushnell Lynx Gen 1 Night Vision Binoculars, I was very excited, to receive them. This set is very lightweight and padded strap, feels good around my neck. I have always wanted to be able to see what I am missing, in the deep darkness of the night. This product has many important potential uses,including wildlife observation, search and rescue, law enforcement, home security and Now the Darkness is my Friend!!!! The performance of these night vision optics, is astounding. They are powered by 2 AAA batteries. Product comes with detailed instruction booklet and soft carry case,with lens cloth. The magnification is 2.5X out of the 40MM objectives. The range of the built in Infrared Illuminator is up to 90 Yards. These binoculars are meant to be used in the darkness, or near darkness only. They open up a whole new world of nighttime vision. This product can be used in the most extreme of temperature conditions,-22 to 104F for those who push the limits, in the outdoors. Night vision works by a Photocathode,that electronically changes Photon energy into Electrons,then acceleration of Electrons,inside the intensifier,that then produces a green monochrome image, that you can see. The accelerated Electrons, allow the unit to provide gain and enhance images. The diopters have pads , of a soft rubber material and feel good to my eyes. Soft rubber switches turn on binoculars and the Infrared Illuminator. When the infrared switch is pushed, a circle of extremely bright light, is in the center of units vision. The focus of the unit, is the front objective lenses,and can be adjusted from 4 to 600 feet. This products rubberized, non slip grip housing, is Water Resistant /not Waterproof. Unit should never be submerged. Care should always be taken to wipe unit dry,with a soft cloth ,and only use professional lens cleaners on lenses. Remove batteries if stored for more than 2 months. Unit can operate up to 70 hours without infrared ,and 20 hours with infrared on . After much testing I give this product my Very Highest recommendation, for many life saving, safety use, possibilities, Gen1 Innovation, Quality lenses and electronic components, durability,in the field,and overall versatility ,to change extreme darkness into bright daylight visibility. I hope this review is informative to readers and helps them make an informed buying decision. {FISHGRILLER APPROVED }

Monday, September 14, 2015


This Chef 's Choice 720 Meat grinder made by Edgecraft, is a superior quality engineered product. I find it hard to bog down the motor ,because it has a direct gear drive and 400 watts of grinding power. This is a big problem ,with inferior products. This product comes with 3 different stainless steel grinding plates ,so you can choose the size that best suits your needs. There is nothing more satisfying ,than making your own ground meat or sausage ,that you can make from your own wild game or store bought meat. I really love all of the different things I can grind up in this machine, to be creative, in all of my culinary endeavors. This product provides you with a 1 year limited household warranty .After much testing with different meats,fruits, vegtables and more, I have to give this product a very high recommendation for, overall quality performance and dependability ,for all of my meat grinding, culinary experiments and sausage stuffing needs. I hope this review is informative to readers { FISHGRILLER APPROVED }


It was early goose season here on the High desert of central Oregon ,so a friend and I went on a goose killing

mission . After searching about 6 lakes we found the motherlode of geese at a local reservoir called Ochocco . The geese were there in large numbers and we had our way with them.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

FALL season is already in full SWING< testing more hunting products

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