Tuesday, July 14, 2015

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July 01, 2015
This New Cyclops Micro 5 White LED 10 Lumen Hat Clip Light is very handy ,for nightime hands free lighting .One simple switch for on and off. It is very lightweight and is top mounted on your hat brim , with metal clip ,to not obstruct your vision, With a built in 15* degree tilt so you do not have to bend your neck ,to get the light where you need it most. I find it to be very useful. 2 CR-16 batteries included in package. I am always trying to get my gear ready in the darkness and this hat clip light really does the trick ,for me. I give this Cyclops hat clip light , a high recommendation, for micro power of 10 lumens and metal hat clip for durability. {FISHGRILLER APPROVED }
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July 01, 2015
These New Walkers Youth and Womens Passive Folding Ear Muffs have great noise reduction, 27 NRR and S3.19 ANSI ratings. They are slim and lightweight and fold up to a small size, to fit in your shooting bag, or ? you might store them for safety. Hearing protection is very important for everyone ,especially young kids and women, when at the Shooting Range ,Sporting Events,Fireworks,Auto Races ,Heavy Construction,Demolition. Keep in mind when thinking of purchasing ,that head and hair size, play a big part in a comfortable fit ,for periods of longer wear ,during activities,and events. Walkers, makes all sizes and styles of ear protection ,so make sure you think about that when making a purchase. I give this product a high recommendation, for a compact ,high noise protection, folding ear muffs. I hope this review is informative and entertaining to readers. {FISHGRILLER APPROVED }
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June 30, 2015
I really love my new Day 6 Plotwatcher ProHD Game Surveillance Video Camera. Camera can record up to 1 million images,on a single set of batteries. I really think the time lapse video feature, 1 second to 60 minutes, between images, takes this camera, over the top, to really get an idea of what is happening, on whatever area, you have the camera watching. It might be a Whitetail Deer food plot, surrounded by dense cover , a huge open field,filled with animals, ,or watching a car lot at night, to capture pics of vandals, or to see who is secretly swimming in your private pool, while you are at work .Long nylon tree strap makes for easy mounting to tree or pole or ? Unit will take up to a 64 GB media card. Each GB represents approximately one day of footage. Gamefinder software, allows you to view a 12 hour period, in just 3 minutes,on your laptop or pad. 2.5 LCD screen, for camera aiming and viewing. Unit takes 1280+720HD video. Unit runs on 8 AA batteries [Not Included } and has a battery life of up to 4 months. Many custom settings, to optimize results. Secure locking camo housing allows for ultimate concealment .Complete detailed instruction booklet .Great field of view ,up to 330 yards ,allows you to view image details, that can not be captured by conventional game scouting cameras,to see game animal patterns,and feeding times. External power port allows for common 12volt power supply, for long term use, power back up . I have to give this product a very high recommendation for,time lapse video ability, versatile programming features and overall performance, dependability for the long haul,in the field ,or other surveilance needs. {FISHGRILLER APPROVED }
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June 30, 2015
These new Walkers Ultimeate Power Muffs really provide the ultimate outdoor listening experience . It is amazing what you can hear with the 9X hearing enhancment and what you can not hear, with the NRR 27 DB noise reduction. I spend a lot of time in the woods hunting and exploring my High Desert area. I love to hear the sounds, of all of the smallest of critters, Birds, Sage Rats, Frogs , Wild Turkeys, ETC. The High Gain Omni Directional Microphones ,capture the sound. This product has independant frequency tuning,AFT to hear the smallest of noises or sounds and a 0.02 reaction time for the sound activated compression,SAC for sounds you do not want to hear, like shooting, loud heavy equipment, yelling nagging wife or girlfriend,or that drunk obnoxious neighbor,that always talks your ear off. The wide, padded, headband is very comfortable for long periods of wear. This product is collapsable and very compact ,to fit in your belt pack or day pack with ease. The housing is made of composite materials to dampen sound. I have to give this product a very high recommendation for all of these stated features and this products overall quality performance and durability in the field. {FISHGRILLER APPROVED }
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June 25, 2015
I love this simple easy to use Cyclops Titan high power LED Headlamp. The shock and weather resistant housing .lets me use product in all types of weather. I am always fumbling around in the dark trying to get my gear ready, for fishing and hunting, so having a headlamp to light the way, is very important, so I can get the work done, with my hands. Nylon headstrap is adjustable ,for my big head and feels good to wear for long periods of time, in the darkness. 60 lumens and a simple on off switch make this a great way to go, for handsfree lighting. As with all Cyclops products made by GSM outdoors ,quality materials and electronics ,are always foremost. I give this product a high recommendation for overall quality and usefullness.
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June 25, 2015
This new StealthCam Cam Stick ,is an exciting new product, that takes my scouting camera endeavors, to a new higher level. I can now securily mount my scouting camera, just about anywhere my heart desires. I hunt on the high desert of Central Oregon ,where trees are scarce ,only Juniper trees here,that are very bushy,and will not accomodate a camera. I have struggled to get any game movement info about some of these areas that I hunt ,because lack of anywhere to mount my scouting cams.This product will allow me to mount my camera ,up to a 34 inch height,at places I think I might get some pics and video. Around a waterhole is a great place ,they are scarce on the High Desert ,and a great place to observe game activity.With a 360 degree horizontal and 270 degree vertical adjustments ,I can place camera in just the right spot for action.The unit is made of heavy guage steel, for durability and stability and unscrews in half ,with a strap for transport. Foot step ground stake ,allows you to push stake deep in ground for stability, in strong weather elements. Due to all of the innovative features of this product ,I have to give it a very high recommendation, for overall quality and usefullness in the field. { FISHGRILLER APPROVED }

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Too hot for anything, ready to test some new products

July 06, 2015

These Fire House Leisure Products Silicone BBQ Oven Heat Gloves are awesome. I compete in BBQ competitions and these are a must HOT HOT HOT equipment no longer is a problem . These gloves perform very well ,and keep my hands Burn Free . I give them a high recommendation for overall performance, to save me from burns, in all aspects of cooking { FISHGRILLER APPROVED }
July 06, 2015

DODOCOOL makes a solid ,high quality apple certified Lightning Car Charger product . This unit performs well and charges things, in short order . I like the extra USB port for my other charging needs ,when I am on the road. I give this product a high recommendation for ease of use and overall charging qualities. {FISHGRILLER APPROVED }
July 06, 2015

This New MPow New Generation Selfie Stick is a great new product. I find it strong, versatile ,easy to sync and use with several different camera and phones. I give this product a high recommendation for overall quality and performance, {FISHGRILLER APPROVED }
July 06, 2015

I really love this New Western Rivers Mantis 75R Electronic Game Call, with a powerful hand held remote, powered by a 2032 battery with a 300 foot range. This allows caller, to get away from call ,downwind ,hidden ,for best hunting or game watching results. This unit had 75 pre -programmed calls.and puts out an amazing 105 Decibals of realistic animal sounds,to call in, an amazing variety of game animals,and predators. Caller runs on 4 AAA batteries 

Thursday, July 9, 2015

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Everyone is always asking me what moves your Amazon review rank up and down.

I thought better find out!

Amazon publishes a page that tells some general guidelines.

Lots of factors go into the process:

Here is the page

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July 06, 2015

This MPow Cobble Bluetooth 4.0 headset has great value and high performance. I was amazed at sound quality ,when I listen to music and on calls . Product comes with charger cord , complete instructions and different sized ear buds,for your comfort . Charges quickly on many different types, of charging ports. I give this product a very high recommendation for quality sound and performance . { FISHGRILLER APPROVED }
July 06, 2015

This new Aduro Shatterguardz Screen protector is an awesome product. I have put it to good use ,in saving my phone from severe damage on several occasions . Cleans up well and scratch resistent . I give this product a high recommendation for overall performance and quality ,for a screen protector. {FISHGRILLER APPROVED }
July 06, 2015

I find this New Ghostek Leather Wallet Phone Case with Screen Protector ,to be of very high quality ,and give it a high recommendation for performannce quality leather and usefullness. {FISHGRILLER APPROVED }