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January 23, 2015
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2015 SHOT Show Posts Second Highest Attendance Total Ever
LAS VEGAS -- The Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show (SHOT Show) rang up its second highest attendance ever at the Sands Expo Center Jan. 20-23, giving the industry a very good indicator that a strong sales year lies ahead.

Long a bellwether for the industry's prospects, the SHOT Show brings together buyers and sellers from the United States and more than 100 countries. Total attendance for the 2015 SHOT Show was nearly 64,000, second only to last year's record-setting event, where nearly 67,000 came through the turnstiles. Lower attendance reflected strengthened pre-screening of attendees to enhance the overall experience of both exhibitors and buyers.

"We know from long experience that attendance at the SHOT Show is a reflection of the state of our industry," said Chris Dolnack, NSSF Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer. "This second highest attendance is in keeping with what we saw in the past year -- that our industry is in good health and that manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers have a positive outlook for this year."

NSSF®, the trade association for the firearms, ammunition, hunting and shooting sports industry, owns and sponsors the SHOT Show.

From the opening bell, the show floor hummed with traffic. Cindy Daniel, Executive Vice President of Daniel Defense, a major sponsor of the SHOT Show, said, "It's been a very busy show. We're optimistic that with the good vibe we're seeing on the floor sales will pick up again and we'll have a solid year."

Said Kort Nielson with Silencer Co., "We've been pretty busy, and there hasn't been much down time. Increasing our booth size and design and its new position in this hall has been good for traffic, but we're also focusing on education." Silencer Co. put on two seminars this week for retailers on how to educate customers about suppressors, a fast growing sales area.

The $8 billion industry has seen rapid growth in the last several years, powered by newcomers to the shooting sports. More than 20 percent of firearms owners are in this category, in that they have purchased their first firearm within the last five years.

Women continue to be an undeniable market force. During the show at a packed press conference, NSSF released a new report on "Women Gun Owners: Purchasing, Perceptions and Participation." Women, whose participation in target shooting and hunting as well as interest in owning a firearm for personal and home protection continues to grow rapidly, now purchase about 25 percent of industry products. "This report will help NSSF members better understand the products and features women want and to continue to serve women of all skill levels," said Jim Curcuruto, NSSF Director of Industry Research and Analysis.

More than 1,600 exhibiting companies filled the convention center and rooms in the adjoining Venetian Hotel. Total show exhibition space was more than 640,000 net square feet, or 13 acres of product display, with more than 150 new companies exhibiting.

Manufacturers of firearms, ammunition, optics, cutlery, apparel, accessories and law enforcement equipment introduced new products and services that retailers will offer consumers during the course of the year.

On the first evening of the show, more than 2,400 people attended NSSF's State of the Industry Dinner, where Steve Sanetti, NSSF President and CEO, delivered a well-received speech on the industry's determination to counter its detractors with facts on firearm safety and deter efforts to burden law-abiding gun owners with unnecessary legislation. "Much of the public and the media are woefully misinformed about who we are and all that we do about genuine gun safety," said Sanetti, who pointed out to such notable NSSF programs as Project ChildSafe, Fix NICS and Don't Like for the Other Guy programs.

"Some pundits state that the shooting sports are 'in retreat,'" said Sanetti. "Well, look at the facts. Last year's SHOT Show, one of the fastest growing trade shows in the nation, had its highest attendance and satisfaction levels ever; the number of federally licensed firearms dealers is growing; firearm sales experienced the second highest year ever and ammunition sales continue at near record levels; firearms permit and safety classes report long waiting lists; and the number of apprentice hunting licenses increased to well over 1 million. If this is a 'retreat,' as those who see no appeal in what we do have alleged, I truly wonder what an advance would look like."

At the dinner, Richard Lipsey, owner of Lipsey's, one of the nation's largest sporting goods distributors, received the prestigious NSSF Ken Sedlecky Award for longterm commitment to the success of the industry and supporting NSSF's mission to promote, protect and preserve hunting and the shooting sports. Mark Keefe, editor-in-chief of American Rifleman magazine, was awarded the POMA-NSSF Grits Gresham Shooting Sports Communicator Award.

Media was out in force again at the show, totaling 2,500, including international press. Some of the country's most well-known radio personalities, including Mike Gallagher, Lars Larson and Dana Loesch, broadcasted live from the show's popular "Radio Row."

Prior to the show, NSSF hosted a fundraising golf tournament to benefit Honored American Veterans Afield (HAVA), an industry developed and supported effort to help the healing and reintegration of disabled combat veterans back into normal American life though participation in outdoor events.

The SHOT Show is not just about selling and buying products. The show provides educational opportunities for firearms retailers at SHOT Show University, which was sold out, and at other seminars, and for law enforcement professionals at the Law Enforcement Education Program.

The SHOT Show is managed by Las Vegas-based ConvExx. Major sponsors of the 2015 SHOT Show in addition to Daniel Defense were Outdoor Channel,, Brownell's, Gamo Outdoor USA, Georgia Department of Economic Development, Mossy Oak, Trijicon, Smith & Wesson and Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, among others. Ram Truck Brand was the official truck of the SHOT Show. Nissan was sponsor of the show's press room.

The SHOT Show, the fifth largest trade show in Las Vegas, pumps nearly $90 million in non-gaming revenue into the Las Vegas economy. Next year's SHOT Show is scheduled for Jan. 19-22 at the Sands Expo.


About NSSF
The National Shooting Sports Foundation is the trade association for the firearms industry. Its mission is to promote, protect and preserve hunting and the shooting sports. Formed in 1961, NSSF has a membership of more than 10,000 manufacturers, distributors, firearms retailers, shooting ranges, sportsman's organizations and publications. For more information, visit

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Well it is time for my yearly visit to the SHOT SHOW,  that stands for SHOOTING  HUNTING  OUTDOOR  TACTICAL   !!! SHOW . It is the best show I have ever been to .
SHOT Show Blast
Grab a Directory and New Product Guide
The 2015 SHOT Show Directory and Official Buyers' Guide, plus a New Product Guide, will be available for pick up as you enter this year's show. These publications provide exhibitor details, introduce new product information and outline important show schedules for onsite planning. They are also great tools to keep in your office all year long as a reference to key vendors and products in the industry.
photoReminder to Catch the Latest Product Announcements at the SHOT Showcase Theater
This year, exhibitors will be releasing new product announcements and demonstrations to the press and buyers during 15-minute special presentations in a live, Las Vegas showroom — and you're invited. The SHOT Showcase Theater will be open Tuesday, January 20. Press and buyers are welcome to watch the announcements and learn about some of the year's most exciting product releases. Click here to RSVP.
Hold the Show in Your Fingtertips...Download the SHOT Show Mobile App
The 2015 SHOT Show mobile app — sponsored by Daniel Defense — is available in the Apple App Store and on Google Play. With enhanced features this year, attendees can easily navigate the show floor and schedule appointments with exhibitors. The mobile app is free, and also available as a web-based app for Blackberry and Windows devices. Click here to download.
Hassle-Free TSA Experience — Do Your Part
Your part is easy — avoid placing any weapons, or replicas of weapons (even if they aren't very realistic), in your carry-on baggage. The McCarran Airport has assembled a quick checklist for our attendees, which outlines what should be included in checked baggage and what is allowed in carry-on baggage. Click here to view.
Attendee Badge Pick-Up
If you have not received your SHOT Show entry badges, please print and bring your registration confirmation to the show. You can retrieve your badges at the Attendee Badge Pick-Up. It will even be open 24 hours a day beginning Sunday, January 18, through Tuesday, January 20.
The Express Attendee Badge Pick-Up is located in the corridor between the Sands Expo Center and The Venetian Hotel on Level 2, adjacent to the Law Enforcement section of the Exhibit Hall. If you do not yet have your bar code from completing your registration, please go to the Main Registration, located in the Level 1 Lobby of the Sands Expo Center.
Airport Shuttle/Transportation Details
Avoid long taxi lines by using the shuttle services the SHOT Show has set up for its attendees. LASxpress Airport Transportation Service offers one-way, special discounted rates to and from the McCarran Airport.
Free shuttle service is available from select hotels to and from the Sands Expo during show days. Free shuttle service is also available from the Sands Expo Center to the airport on Thursday and Friday. View shuttle schedules, discounts and fares by visiting our Hotel/Travel webpage.
Thank You to Our 2015 Show Sponsors


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ARE YOU READY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If the recent events in Paris have proven anything, it's that terrorism and violence have no boundaries. Incidents like this erupt without warning and those who are not prepared will be forced to sit dumbstruck and wait for help. This help may not arrive in time to save lives. The question we now raise is this: What are you prepared to do?

Even if you feel you are mentally prepared to deal with a violent attack, you will still need the proper equipment to save your life and possibly the lives of others. Below is a brief checklist that will allow you to see just how prepared you really are for the day you will never forget.

If you plan on using a gun for protection, that gun must be with you at the time the attack starts. You will not have time to go get your gun once the attack begins. Some people claim to have a sidearm on their person in hopes of using that sidearm to fight their way to a long gun, which they believe is a better tool in a deadly force encounter. Regardless of what tool you intend to use in a fight, that tool must be ready for immediate action.
 Firearm (carried on your person for immediate access)
 Spare ammunition
 Alternate weapon, Pepper spray, Kubaton
or other impact weapon

Cellular phones are nearly ubiquitous in today's society, but they require batteries and a good signal. We can't do much about the signal, but we can have at the ready a battery back up for the cell phone. Such devices are cheap and reliable. A spare vehicle key is mandatory if you need to leave the area. Keep your keys on your person. If you set your keys on your desk and a workplace shooting occurs, you will quickly be without access to your vehicle if you need it. A spare key provides extra insurance.
 Cellular phone
 Battery backup
 Spare vehicle key

Even if you do not carry a gun, you can be caught up in a violent incident. If you survive, a good First-Aid Kit will allow you to treat yourself or others who may be injured. This kit should not be your simple homeowner's kit of Band-Aids and antibiotic ointment. Violence brings trauma and trauma requires a specially stocked First-Aid Kit. Here is the minimum you will likely need when dealing with a victim of a gunshot wound. The elements listed below would easily fit in a pouch that could drop into a pocket, purse, or briefcase. Can you think of any reason not to get basic first-aid training and have a trauma kit nearby?
 Israeli Bandage or Compress Dressing
 Surgical Pads or Large Gauze Pads
 Surgical Tape
 Nitrile Gloves
 Medical shears
 Quik Clot or Quik Clot-infused bandage
 Asherman chest seal
 Trauma treatment guideline card

These are minimum elements that, combined with proper training, will help you to survive a violent incident. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, but preparation and immediate action will go a long way toward saving lives. Remember, you don't pick the day. The day picks you. Are you ready?