Thursday, December 18, 2014



These new Leica Geovid  HD-B Laser Range Finding Binoculars ,are definitely world class and  in a class all by themselves.  I have recently spent a lot of quality time with them, in the field. I have been hunting the High Desert and Canyons of Eastern and Central Oregon for Big Game and Predators. The quality of the glass ,and its light reflecting abilities, is like nothing I have ever seen. As hunters know ,the earliest morning and near dark lighting conditions ,are when most animals move and feed.     But what would you expect with a LEICA product? only the very highest quality. The amazing internal computing abilities, of these laser range finding binos, are  the most technical I have ever dealt with ,but the enclosed instruction booklet is very straightforward and to the point ,so it makes it easy to work with them, for you to input your weapons info and explore other capabilities  like scan mode ,atmospheric conditions and ballistic curve. I could try and explain these capabilities ,but I would  hardly be able to scratch the surface ,of the internal abilities available. The battery and mini DV card,with adapter included, are very easy to install.  I have been able to range animals and objects ,out to 1750 yards, with incredible clarity and  accuracy. This product has a rubber coated  Magnesium housing ,that allows it  to excel in  the most  adverse weather conditions, you can possibly put yourself in. They are absolutely completely  waterproof , to a depth of 5 meters or about 15 feet ,in case of an unexpected dunk in the water, or accidental fall out of a boat. The nitrogen filling in the internal optics makes them impervious to any fogging.  These binos are very easy to bring up to your eyes and the nice wide padded neck strap feels very comfortable, to wear for long hours in the field. The soft push button controls are easy to reach and  to push with a fingertip .The eyepiece Diopters are adjustable for someone with or without glasses. Each eyepiece can be focused separately,along with a center focus. Lens covers on front and back protect glass from possible damage. This Leica product is the highest quality product I have ever Tested and Reviewed  ,so I have to give it my Very Very Highest Recommendation for Overall Quality of Glass Lenses, Absolute Waterproof , Weatherproof, Capabilities  and Internal Laser Range Finding,Ballistics,  Abilities.  I hope this review is informative to readers,to help them make an informed buying decision.   |FISHGRILLER  APPROVED }