Monday, November 24, 2014


Leica Sport Optics Announces Special Opportunity
on All Geovid Rangefinding Binoculars for Black Friday

ALLENDALE, NJ - Leica Sport Optics is offering a special opportunity to purchase all new Geovid rangefinding binoculars at 10 percent off the regular selling price for a limited time only, November 26 through December 1, 2014. This offer is the first ever "Black Friday" special undertaken by Leica.

Leica Geovid HD-B 42
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"Our extended Black Friday special represents a unique buying opportunity for those who have been eyeing the innovative Geovid HD-B and other Geovid models," said Terry Moore, Leica vice president of Sport Optics. "Buyers simply won't be able to get them for less, but they'll have to act fast. The time to grab them is during this special."

This exceptional value is available for in-stock items only from any authorized North American Leica dealer while supplies last.

Widely acclaimed for innovative technologies and benchmark-defining optical performance, all Geovid HD models combine precision laser rangefinding with bright, crystal-clear, perfectly balanced color images.

Leica Geovid HD laser rangefinding binoculars are available with 8x, 10x or 15x magnification, 42 mm or 56 mm objective lens sizes and accurate ranging up to 1,600 yards. The stunningly innovative Geovid HD-B 42 models redefine the sport optics category again with all-new onboard ballistics and optical platforms -- with precision ranging to 2,000 yards.

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Sunday, November 16, 2014


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LikeLike ·  · Well, I am back from a sub zero, unsuccessful Elk Hunting Adventure,with my brother Billy //The Elk Whisperer//. The week of our hunting season, coincided with an early season EPIC ARCTIC BLAST. I did some cold weather testing, on a bunch of outdoor products. The last night in our Fossil Oregon,hunting unit the temperature dipped to a low of -6 degrees Fahrenheit . We hunted very hard ,in the cold ,but struggled to get into the Elk. They were holed up ,somewhere that we did not find. We saw over 3000 Mule Deer ,and several hundred Wild Turkeys on our daily hunts. Everything was frozen solid ,and it was to cold to even stand or sit,or eat , by the fire, which we always do.So we spent the coldest 3 or 4 night in a walls tent ,hunkered,and eating. around a wood stove. It was hard to do any cooking outside and what was the worst was, it was even a struggle to get frozen beer out of the cooler. I learned a lot about cold weather camping and survival and had a great time. When you hunt and fish a lot like I do ,you sometimes have success and you sometimes have failure ,but that is why they call it hunting and fishing