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5.0 out of 5 stars Predator Gold NRR 26 Electronic Ear Muffs., March 19, 2014
By Fishgriller "Kurt Ploetz" (Always Outside!)
This review is from: Predator Gold NRR 26 Ear Muffs (Sports)
I was very excited to get out in the woods, or to the range.with these new Predator Gold Ear Muffs. I know hearing protection is very important, and combined with the hearing enhancement qualities of these NNR26 rated muffs, I heard things in a whole new prospective. These muffs have an 8-Bit Micro- Processor,that does a complete systems diagnostic test instantly ,when you turn the switch on. This product reacts/recovers in less than 1.5 milliseconds. I was scouting for spring Turkeys last week , out on the High Desert , and when I sat down, called, and listened with these muffs on . I could hear the smallest of noises from small birds, and the wind, but never got any response from a Turkey. I can not wait to hear some big game, or other varmint noises. Then I went to the local place to shoot ,called the Pit to shoot my 12 Gauge Tactical shotgun ,with some 3 inch slugs ,and buckshot. I also brought my Ruger 338 Win Mag Rifle , this thing is LOUD! These muffs feel very comfortable, to wear for longer periods of time, in the field or at the range. The noise reduction of 26 decibels, provided by these muffs ,lets me shoot a bunch of rounds, without worrying about damage to my hearing senses, yet I can still laugh and joke with my pals, at the Pit ,or a range master ,at the sporting clay 5 stand venue. This unit comes with a 3.5 mini jack audio cord . It works with FRS radios mp3 players,am/fm DLSC Technology lets you hear softer sounds ,while protecting your hearing. Military Grade circuit boards for dependable long lasting use in all weather , and other abusive conditions. I give this product a very high rating, for the highest quality components, technology , comfort ability, and great hearing enhancement, and protection qualities. A 5 year warranty ,and excellent customer service, makes for a top of the line, hearing protection/enhancement product. I hope this review helps viewers. { FISHGRILLER APPROVED ]

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Limbsaver Kodiak Rifle /Crossbow Sling

5.0 out of 5 stars Limbsaver Kodiak Rifle/Crossbow Sling., March 24, 2014
By Fishgriller "Kurt Ploetz" (Always Outside!)
This review is from: LIMBSAVER KODIAK RFL SLING BLK WIDE (Misc.)
Limbsaver has come out with this great new Kodiak Wide Sling with the new 3D self balancing swivel system. This allows the sling to self balance on any angle or shoulder contour. It sure works good, for a big old boy like me. The NavCom ridges on the edge of the sling ,keep it tight on my shoulder ,when I am climbing or even crawling, to get to my prey. The NavCom hand grip, means I have better safety and control, over my weapon ,at all times. This sling is lightweight, and feels comfortable on my shoulder ,for long periods of time ,on the hunt. The way it stays tight on my shoulder ,helps to keep my shoulder from hurting , and I can always switch shoulders, for a break ,as this sling sling is designed to be ambidextrous. High quality components, leather, 4000# nylon webbing, and swivels,are used in the manufacturing of this fine Limbsaver product . It is very easy to install ,with a small straight screwdriver. I find that when I use this sling over others, I am more comfortable and feel less tired, and I can concentrate on my hunting tactics, instead of always being uncomfortable,and having to mess with my gun. I hunt Elk with a Ruger M77 338 win Mag , With a big 40 mm.3.5 by 10 power, Alpen Optics Kodiak Rifle Scope for knockdown power, and long distance accuracy . But, it is a very heavy weapon ,and I am excited to take my hunting to the next level of comfort ,with this quality Limbsaver product. I give this product a very high recommendation for ,Quality workmanship,innovation ,and overall comfort, in the field ,or at the range.. I hope this review helps readers ,to help them make an informed buying decision. { FISHGRILLER APPROVED }

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Sportsman Classic Waffle Pro Model 853
Sportsman Classic Waffle Pro Model 853
Offered by Wayfair
Price: $55.02

5.0 out of 5 stars Chefs Choice Sportsman Classic DEER HEAD Waffle Pro 853March 10, 2014

I thought I had seen everything ,but this new Chefs Choice DEER HEAD Waffle Pro, really takes my outdoor fanaticism, to a new higher level. I love to make these waffles ,when my outdoor buddies come over the mountain, for a weekend of manly outdoor adventures. Even if I have 4 or 5 guys for breakfast ,I can crank them out at the rate of 2 waffles, every 2 minutes. This new Waffle Pro has very consistent even heat, to keep them DEER HEAD waffles a comin. The new easy release coating, keeps the waffles from sticking ,even after making several dozen, at one time. This product is real easy to clean up, after a morning feast ,with a simple warm moist cloth wipe down. I give this product a very high rating for quality and consistency, of DEER HEAD waffles, cranked out in short order ,to fill my hungry outdoor friends bellies, before a day on the water, or in the field ,here on the High Desert of Central Oregon. I can change the temp of the unit by turning the adjustment knob ,to make my waffles softer ,or more crunchy,whatever my hungry crowd prefers. The lid closes down ,with a latching handle, and the unit can be stored standing up ,for those with tight spaces. Quality components, make this product a great value, and the DEER HEADS on the waffles, takes your food presentation, to a new higher level . I hope this review has been informative and entertaining ,and will help viewers, make an informed buying decision. {FISHGRILLER APPROVED }