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June 04, 2013
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June 04, 2013
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June 04, 2013
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June 04, 2013
This new LEM Max Vac, is an awesome new product . I have put it thru the paces here in Alaska this spring, and early summer ,sealing lots of fish and wild game , and found it to be all that, and a bag of chips. I have used it for hours at a time, and it performs  This  this unit performed flawlessly, and  It is very easy to operate, as I am challenged by many electronic products. The control buttons, and lights, work great, so you know what is happening, all the time. I really like the stainless steel construction, and the large sealing strip. I found that it puts a great  seal on all everything I have used it for. I recommend LEM fine quality meat processing products , and you can find them on or your nearest outdoor product retailer.

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I Love to hunt Elk. I got to hunt this last season ,with my brother Billy ,who I call{ The Elk Whisperer.} He always seems to know where the Elk are at and this year I decided to stick to him like glue ,and it did not take long. By 10 am on opening morning ,my brother Billy had found us a herd of resting Rocky Mountain Bull Elk. We got a good rest and I shot a 3 by 5 bull, and my brother planted a smaller bull, a nice spike ,DIT, dead in it"s tracks. After the elk were back in camp ,skinned and hanging ,it was a perfect night to let them cool out ,and we put them in quarter bags early the next morning ,and then it was time to enjoy the rest of the hunt with food and drink. The rest of the crew harvested 4 more nice elk over the next 4 days and it was a great time in 2013 Elk Camp For All !!!!!!


    The SHOT SHOW is by far the best Outdoor Industry Show, I have ever attended. I love the SCI Show,and have attended dozens, of local Outdoor Industry Shows over the years, but this one is special to me,  because it is a very International show, attended by people in the industry, from over 100 countries.  As I walked the show, I heard people talking in many different languages. I love the Media Room , and find it a great place to network ,with all kinds of people from the outdoor industry from many different countries,and  areas, of the industry. Writers, Professional Hunters, TV Shows, Cameramen,  Magazines , Books ,Social Media ,and many more, are represented there, in the Press Room. All communicating, done in many different ways, by this group of very talented people, help keep the public informed ,honestly ,about what is really happening out there ,and will keep this Outdoor Industry very strong for the long haul.

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    I was very  lucky to get to attend my 3rd year in a row, at  the NSSF  2014 SHOT SHOW, this week for 3 days and was amazed and awed by the newest products, and the attendance of people from the outdoor industry from over 100 countries, and all 50 states. I think this show is very important to the whole industry, bringing hunters , television, factories , dealers , and  media, all together in  one place to bond ,network and carry on, all of the fine outdoor traditions of our nations history., and keep the outdoor industry ,alive and well in America, and the whole world.
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    January 17, 2014
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    Bill Brassard, Jr.

    Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade ShowTM(SHOT Show®) Attendance Soars to New Record
    View and download photos from the 2014 SHOT Show from
    LAS VEGAS, Nev. – Attracting industry professionals from the United States and more than 100 other countries, the Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade ShowTM (SHOT Show®) shattered attendance records this week, giving industry professionals good reason to believe that 2014 will be another strong year for sales of firearms, ammunition, outdoor gear and law enforcement equipment.
    The 36th SHOT Show ran Jan. 14 to 17 at the Sands Expo & Convention Center. Attendance figures eclipsed last year’s total by the second day of the show and finished at more than 67,000, an increase of 5,000. “I think that really speaks to the quality of the event and the enthusiasm and passion of our industry to provide quality products for hunting, target shooting and personal and home defense,” said Chris Dolnack, senior vice president and chief marketing officer for the National Shooting Sports Foundation®.
    NSSF®, the trade association for the firearms, ammunition, hunting and shooting sports industry, owns and manages the SHOT Show.
    The $6 billion industry has enjoyed robust sales the last several years, fueled in part by newcomers to the shooting sports who, according to an NSSF First-time Gun Buyers Report, are younger, more female and more urban based. Newcomers have identified target shooting and personal and home protection as the top reasons for purchasing their first firearm.
    During the show, NSSF issued a first-of-its-kind report that confirmed the importance of the shooting sports to the U.S. economy. “Target Shooting in America: Millions of Shooters, Billions of Dollars” revealed that the money target shooters spent in 2011 resulted in $23 billion being added to the nation’s economy and supported more than 185,000 jobs nationally.
    Combined data from Target Shooting in America and Hunting in America, a report released last year, shows that spending by target shooters andhunters had a total impact of more than $110 billion on the nation’s economy in 2011, supporting more than 866,000 jobs.
    “Communities and businesses of all sizes benefit from these activities,” said NSSF President and CEO Steve Sanetti. “Our industry is proud to be an economic driver that has helped workers keep their jobs and support their families even during the most difficult economic times.”
    Displays by more than 1,600 exhibiting companies filled the convention center and also rooms in the adjoining Venetian. Total show exhibition space was 635,000 net square feet, or 13 acres of product display.
    Manufacturers of firearms, ammunition, optics, cutlery, apparel, accessories and law enforcement equipment introduced new products and services that retailers will offer consumers during the course of the year.
    The past year was a challenging one for industry, which battled state and federal legislative efforts to restrict ownership of certain types of firearms. In addressing 2,000 industry leaders at the State of the Industry Dinner, Sanetti declared, “The State of our industry is renewed. More persons are entering the recreational shooting sports than ever before.  More hunters, more target shooters, more women, more diverse groups, more licensed gun owners and, as you all know, more firearms sales.
    “Perhaps the best news of all is that, despite tremendous increases in these numbers, violent crime with firearms has decreased dramatically during the last five years, to early 1960s levels.”
    Sanetti also pointed out that firearms accidents account for less than one percent of all fatal accidents in the country, according to the National Safety Council.
    Safety was on display at the SHOT Show, with many companies showcasing the latest gun safes, cases and lockboxes. Also, NSSF’s national firearm safety education program, Project ChildSafe and its “Own It? Respect It. Secure It.” campaign, was highly visible at the show.
    Outdoor Channel was once again the show’s Pinnacle-level sponsor.
    Some of the country’s most well-known radio personalities, including Mike Gallagher and Lars Larson, broadcasted live from the show’s new “Radio Row.”
    Among the many awards bestowed during the show was the NSSF Ken Sedlecky Achievement Award presented to Bob Morrison, longtime industry executive and former president and CEO of Taurus. SHOT Business magazine presented NSSF’s Sanetti with the Bonnier Outdoor Group Special Achievement Award in recognition of his industry leadership during the past year.
    For the third time, NSSF hosted a charity golf event at the SHOT Show in partnership with the PGA Tour for Birdies for the Brave. The event at TPC Summerlin raised more than $100,000 for military homefront groups.
    The SHOT Show is not just about selling and buying products. The show provides educational opportunities for firearms retailers at SHOT Show University and other seminars, and for law enforcement professionals at the Law Enforcement Education Program.
    This was the first SHOT Show under its new management company, ConvExx.
    The SHOT Show, which pumps more than $73 million into the Las Vegas economy, is committed to the Sands Expo & Convention Center through 2017. Next year’s SHOT Show is scheduled for Jan. 20-23, 2015.
    About NSSF
    The National Shooting Sports Foundation is the trade association for the firearms industry. Its mission is to promote, protect and preserve hunting and the shooting sports. Formed in 1961, NSSF has a membership of more than 10,000 manufacturers, distributors, firearms retailers, shooting ranges, sportsmen's organizations and publishers. For more information, log on to
    NSSF Media Resources

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    Flambeau Turkey Master Series Breeding Flock Decoy
    Flambeau Turkey Master Series Breeding Flock Decoy

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    5.0 out of 5 stars FLAMBEAU BREEDING FLOCK DECOYSMay 18, 2013
    Flambeau hit the jackpot with these turkey decoys. They make a great product ,with value and dependability. This breeding flock has a Jake, a Hen, and a Feeding Hen. I really like the way they set up in the turkey woods.

    The way they are painted on the heads, and the foam bodies, is very life like. I almost fooled myself. The plastic mounting sticks ,are made of quality material to last for long time usage. They fit inside the foam decoys heads, to hold them properly in place . They wiggle in the wind, to look more lifelike. I set up my stand, and decoys in a place I thought might work, and started calling. I give these decoys a very high recommendation for realistic looks , ease of set up, and quality materials.

    Pros//They are very life like. Decoys set up fast ,when you are in a hurry. The wind moves them for a more realistic look .

    Cons// When you open the box for the first time in the woods,which is my mistake and laziness. They are tightly wrapped ,so it takes a few minutes in the sun, for the foam bodies to get to their realistic shape. I suggest you set them up at home first, so they are ready to put up, when you hear that first gobble back, from an interested Tom.

    Other than my mistake, I find these decoys to be very effective, realistic, and made to perform and last for a long time in the woods. I hope this review is informative and helpful. [FISHGRILLER APPROVED ]

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    May 18, 2013


    MOJO Double Trouble E Call
    MOJO Double Trouble E Call
    Offered by Telecom Nation USA
    Price: $360.37
    7 used & new from $358.38

    5.0 out of 5 stars AWESOME new Double Trouble Electronic/ remote Game Call by MOJO.December 11, 2013
    I was very excited to get the chance to test and review this new Mojo Double trouble electronic game call .I spent some time in bear country in Alaska this last summer ,so I had a chance to try it out, to call in a Black Bear. This call has so many features ,I was amazed at how user friendly it was, for someone electronically challenged like me. The motorized decoy ,on the top of the unit ,swirls and moves like a live animal.

    The extension legs on the unit git it up off of the ground,for better sound and visibility. It also has a threaded hole like a camera to put the unit up on a tripod ,for even more range of sound. A port for external charger and external; speaker are also on the unit. The control panel ,has soft push buttons with a plastic coating on them to keep the water out. I used this unit in some pretty wet, windy, weather ,with out any problems. The control panel is back lit ,to see what track you have it on. The remote unit ,has a nice weatherproof cover on it ,with soft touch buttons, and a range of 250 yards , so you can get away from call ,and get set up for the kill ,a ways away .

    The unit comes with 99 different calls ,for any type of predator animal ,you are hunting for. There a several more features like hot buttons ,for those special hot, go to calls ,and external programming from Mojo software. I had great success calling in several types of predators ,including Coyote, Bobcat , Crows, Bald Eagles and even a glimpse of a Black Bear ,that ran right by the call ,at high speed. I give this call a very high recommendation , for ease of use ,versatility, and overall performance,in the field.

    Pros /// Moving decoy on top of unit. Speaker puts out great realistic sound.High volume from speaker works great to get the sound out to the critters. 250 yard remote lets you and your scent, be a long ways away from the call., for better hunting successes.
    Cons/ none except I called in a big Tom Cougar that sneaked in behind me, and when I heard it growl, and snarl it scared me to death ,as I felt like I was the hunted, instead of the hunter.

    This call worked great for me ,and performed with out flaws. I hope this review helps viewers to make an informed buying decision. { FISHGRILLER APPROVED }