Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Nov 5 at 4:32 PM

Outdoor Chef Kurt got to cook for a movie crew for the 2nd time in his culinary. career. It was a short film ,called{ The Settling} ,with the movie crew staying at beautiful ODell Lake Lodge in south central Oregon, where I used to work at as exec chef ,for a summer and winter season .There were 30 people involved, including actors,producers, and crew. I set my outdoor kitchen up outside one of the cabins the crew was staying in.   There were three starring actors ,and two child actors ,along with moms and even a grandma ,in a wheelchair. In the movie industry there is a thing called Craft Services, that consists of having snacks,fruit drinks and all kinds of goodies readily  available ,when they are filming .I was ready for the challenge ahead ,as I was doing this event alone. The crew and cast trickled in , and soon it was like we were one big family. It was an early call the next morning ,so I had to have all of the breakfast food out by 6: 30 am.   Coffee was the biggest draw in the morning , so I had 2 pots going all of the time,  and a percolater on the stove for backup To run out of coffee  is a very bad thing.. The whole crew worked very hard, for the next 4 days ,sometimes till late in the night ,so I had to have fresh food ready at specific times ,when they got done ,or took a break. The whole experience was great ,and everyone involved was happy to be there. The stars and their families ,slowly made their separate ways home ,as the filming progressed , and then came to an end.   I was impressed once again ,by my fine Camp Chef products ,and all of the fine quality food I could produce,outdoors, on them . 

Sunday, November 3, 2013


I was asked to help with a whole hog fully authentic Hawaiian  Luau Party for a friends kids birthday party . We cooked the Whoile Hog in a Green Mountain Grill Whole Hog Wood Pellet Grill Cooker /Smoker. It was a great success and everyone had a full belly .