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The Retractable Tool Tether is a unique device with many functions.
Retractable Tool Tether 3
There are two models avaialable. The ‘Light Duty’ is made to hold 1/4 pound before it begins to extract. It’s great to hold a cell phone, or digital camera, gardening pruners, or name badge/security pass key, pepper spray, small flashlight, etc. The list goes on.
The “Heavy Duty’ model holds more weight, at approximately 5/8 of a pound, before starting to extract. It will hold such items as a 10″ adjustable wrench, or binoculars, a GPS, laser level, and more. Hence the motto: “Never drop it again!”
The difference between the models is the spring used inside the retractors. Both tethers have a 22″ vinyl coated steel cable. Each has a safety release mechanism inside the retractor. Given a sharp tug when fully retracted, the cable will pull out of the retractor. Per chance a personal item got caught in a piece of machinery for example, one could escape bodily injury.
Retractable Tool Tether 1
This handy device is designed to help the user hold close and keep secure small electronics and tools. Perfect to keep very important items such as keys handy.
Retractable Tool Tether 2
Some packages of tethers have specific flashlights (two different types), and others have a piece of  ’hook and loop’ Velcro.
The two types of flashlights are the Safety Alert Light and the “Peek-A-Boo Flashlight.” The Safety Alert Light flashes an alternating red and blue LED light that can throw a spot light for up to 20 plus feet in the dark. In an emergency situation, anyone in the vicinity would be aware of the flashing law enforcement colored lights. This could help keep the user safe and possibly deter a would-be purse snatcher, or the like. The Peek-A-Boo is a bright white LED light that has the capability of shining a spot light out 20 feet plus also.
The Velcro has many uses. It can be inserted through a carabiner to attach the tether to the arm of a wheelchair, bed rail, grab bar, ladder, etc. Tethers can be used as a trip prevention device, especially on tubing for those using medical oxygen and those around them.
Retractable Tool Tether 4
There are numerous options to customize each tether to accommodate different needs. From underwater divers, to those in construction; from moms and dads, to firefighters; from law enforcement officers to those in medical professions. The list of those that could benefit from these retractabke tethers seems endless.
Can you say … Stocking Stuffer?!?!
Retractable Tool Tethers are available on their website and at Amazon

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