Thursday, March 17, 2016


I was lucky enough to go to the Sea of Cortez in Las Barilles to the Van Wormer Resort  Cortez De Palmas in Baja Mexico for a second honeymoon after 23 years of wedded bliss, with my wife Anita. This was not the best time to fish but I had amazing luck out on a SuperPanga fishing boat.  I first caught the one Yellowtail in 400 feet of water. Then I hooked another fish and had it about halfway up till a roving 300# Sea Lion took and bit my fish and brought it  to the surface to eat it. We turned the boat and went after the Sea Lion with little or no hope, of retrieving the fish on the line. The Sea Lion was spanking the fish on the surface,right behind the boat to taunt me and to break it apart ,so he could gobble it up, but the hook was still in it's mouth, still attached to the line and pole. My guide Jesus, was pulling on the line and I then got really MAD !!!!! and I  saw a old fashioned Hand Mop in the transom of the Panga. I then proceeded to beat the water above the Sea Lions head and mouth with the mop and on the 4 th WHACK the SEA LION gave me back my fish.  POST ADDITION !! I failed to write this part of the story, in the first post. ////    This particular Sea Lion was a Fish Killer and as soon as It was done with me that day, it swam over to another boat from the same fleet ,that had a Blue Marlin ,on the line . It then bit the Blue Marlin in the throat, right under it's gills and  took out a huge hunk of the fishes respiratory system and the fish died instantly on the line . The fishermen reeled it in ,but it was totally dead, from the attack of this deadly #300 Sea Lion. I have a LIVE ACTION !!! video of my Sea Lion ,

attack and pic of the Dead Blue Marlin from the guys it happened to .I will try and post them  soon.

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