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MOJO Double Trouble E Call
MOJO Double Trouble E Call
Offered by Telecom Nation USA
Price: $360.37
7 used & new from $358.38

5.0 out of 5 stars AWESOME new Double Trouble Electronic/ remote Game Call by MOJO.December 11, 2013
I was very excited to get the chance to test and review this new Mojo Double trouble electronic game call .I spent some time in bear country in Alaska this last summer ,so I had a chance to try it out, to call in a Black Bear. This call has so many features ,I was amazed at how user friendly it was, for someone electronically challenged like me. The motorized decoy ,on the top of the unit ,swirls and moves like a live animal.

The extension legs on the unit git it up off of the ground,for better sound and visibility. It also has a threaded hole like a camera to put the unit up on a tripod ,for even more range of sound. A port for external charger and external; speaker are also on the unit. The control panel ,has soft push buttons with a plastic coating on them to keep the water out. I used this unit in some pretty wet, windy, weather ,with out any problems. The control panel is back lit ,to see what track you have it on. The remote unit ,has a nice weatherproof cover on it ,with soft touch buttons, and a range of 250 yards , so you can get away from call ,and get set up for the kill ,a ways away .

The unit comes with 99 different calls ,for any type of predator animal ,you are hunting for. There a several more features like hot buttons ,for those special hot, go to calls ,and external programming from Mojo software. I had great success calling in several types of predators ,including Coyote, Bobcat , Crows, Bald Eagles and even a glimpse of a Black Bear ,that ran right by the call ,at high speed. I give this call a very high recommendation , for ease of use ,versatility, and overall performance,in the field.

Pros /// Moving decoy on top of unit. Speaker puts out great realistic sound.High volume from speaker works great to get the sound out to the critters. 250 yard remote lets you and your scent, be a long ways away from the call., for better hunting successes.
Cons/ none except I called in a big Tom Cougar that sneaked in behind me, and when I heard it growl, and snarl it scared me to death ,as I felt like I was the hunted, instead of the hunter.

This call worked great for me ,and performed with out flaws. I hope this review helps viewers to make an informed buying decision. { FISHGRILLER APPROVED }

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